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Saturday, February 11, 2012

My Need to create a "Writer's Platform."

     We must all agree, especially the Arab Spring revolutionaries, that technology has changed our lives. Without Facebook and Twitter, Ben Ali, Mubarak, Qaddafi and Saleh would most likely still be in power. In many aspects the change is for the better.

     For me personally, without Google and e-mail I wouldn’t have established a relationship with my second and third cousins who live in Sydney, Australia: The last time I saw my second cousin Betty was on her visit to Israel fifty years ago or so, when I was a teenager there; her daughter Judy I first met about two years ago. And Skype? Without it I wouldn’t see my overseas friends and relatives as I do on our long weekly conversation. So I am embracing the technological development that interconnects us all.

     Yet I am irritable about the loss of an idle time, which is so scarce in our busy lives, with our jobs and our familial and social obligations. Having rarely the opportunity to simply do nothing, I would utilized my bus rides, for example, as that cherished idle time, watching through the bus’s window New York City’s amalgam of pedestrians; some strolling, others rushing or window shopping. But then the cell phone has turned the relative quiet on the bus into a loud public domain with riders advertising their illnesses, romances, disagreements, or other private information I have no desire to hear.

     And I too have turned my idle time on the bus into a hectic spell, checking my voice-mail, text and email messages, for among them there could be an important response to an urgent query I had made. And it is not only that necessary electronic communication that takes our time. Probably like many of you, if I calculated the number of hours per week that I spend sorting through unsolicited e-mails, both on my private and public accounts, I would want to destroy my computer, SPAM and all.

     And now, that I have finished writing my memoir, I learned that I have to build a “writer’s platform” to amass followers, so that literary agents will agree to take on my book and try to sell it to the trade. As one agency wrote me, it needs to see that my Blog membership, my Twitter followers and my Facebook fans number somewhere in the thousands. T-h-o-u-s-a-d-s!!! 

     So last week I created a Twitter account, and I have 5 followers! This week, with some help from a colleague, and then on my own, I spent hours creating my blog site. Next week I’ll try to build a page on Facebook—different from my regular Facebook account, which I can barely manage. Then I’ll combine them all together, should I learn how to do that.

     And I thought completing and editing my memoir was overwhelming.


  1. Hi Ziva,

    Welcome to the blogsphere and good luck with your memoir. We are looking forward to it!
    For me, the wireless connection is a necessity. Without it I wouldn't be able to commute to Princeton every day.


  2. That's amazing Ziva you are an inspiration to all women !! I look forward to reading more blogs! Good luck! I agree that we all have a love hate relationship with technology !
    Love Tracy

  3. Dear Ziva,

    Can't wait to have the hard copy of your memoirs. Knowing your creaive talents and your kin eye, it is surely going to be a feast!
    good luck my dear,

    Elise (Alicia)

  4. Email,Skype, twitter or blogger are all fine for communication. But the best is sitting face to face with you and just talk. Wishing you best of success with your book.
    Knowing you it will be great.

  5. Good luck with the new blog!


  6. Good luck with the book, Ziva. Your interesting and unusual life between two countries and two cultures will make interesting reading.

  7. Ziva,

    Good luck with the blog and book. It sounds like a great project.


  8. Dear Ziva,
    Much luck on your road to success.Its been a long and winding road and against all odds you prevailed! I know your book will find its way to many a kindles and readers will be inspired by your story. Cheering you on

  9. Oh Ziva, Cheers, you woman-of-substance! You're already on your way to mastering social media.

    Best, Joyce

  10. Good luck with the blog and the book - I know you have a lot to say - and teach.

  11. I'm excited to see the product of your efforts. Best of luck!

  12. Good luck, Ziva! I shall sign on to your Facebook and Twitter feeds!

  13. Wishing you the best on this cyber space adventure! Count me in, I will follow your thoughts..


  14. And you thought that writing the book is the hardest part...

    Looking forward to read it!

    Elise (Alicia)